Personalised Chocolate Figure

Using the latest technology we are able to produce fast and cheap chocolate molds for Corporate Orders. In past, it took many days to produce chocolate mold, and the cost was too high for many orders. To make them more available for different size corporate orders, we decided to start making them in-house, fast mold production, experience in mold design and fast delivery for your orders only from Arte Pastry.

Chocolate Bar Moulds

We think the best option for personalized chocolates, is the chocolate bars. Due to many packaging options and available functional designs for chocolate bars. Ordering is simple,easy and cheap. All we need is your company's logo and an idea how you would like the chocolate bar to look. After we have received all the design information - we produce a 3D visualization of the bar. Together we decide what is the best packaging solution for you, hand-wrapped chocolate bars or a luxury packaging such as a Recycled box with a golden logo.